Jan 14, 2014

Dream Laundry Room

Hi friends,

Oh it's busy times around here. Getting the house ready to sell is hard work. Preparing, plus work, plus kids has made for a very busy few days. The end is near I hope!

Today, I have my dream laundry room idea board to share with you. It combines all of my favorites and would truly make the chore of laundry a pleasure. Imagine having tons of space, light, and all the bells and whistles. Way better than the basement cave where I currently do my laundry.

Laundry Dreaming

What is your laundry situation? Are you a happy camper or a dreamer like me?

I leave you today with this amusing item (mewbacca!).
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooh that ironing board storage cart combo is ingenious! I have a wall built-in ironing board that I rarely use because it's too tall for me. Good luck with selling your house! I know getting it open-house ready is so much work!

  2. I LOVE your picks! That light is amazing-where did you find it? I need that tile too. :P We have half demoed our laundry room...one day we'll get to that project. Big dreams. I feel like if my laundry room looked like that I would be more likely to do laundry?!?

  3. So gorgeous! Can you tell me where you found that hex tile (with the black and white?)??


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