Jan 29, 2014

Front Exterior View

Hi friends,

So now that we have a new place I need to get packing. Assuming all goes well with the house inspection, we move in 2 months. So much to do! Anybody have a recommendation on where to get boxes for packing? I usually hit up the LCBO but I need some bigger boxes too.

I thought I'd share some pics of the outside of the house today. These are of course from the summer (and the real estate agent). Things look a lot snowier today.

One of the things I'm most excited about is actually having proper landscaping. Our current house has pretty spring flowers but we never had a chance to do fancy stone landscaping like this new place.

I wonder if they'll let us keep the bunny?

And the most exciting part of all of this? There is no grass to cut in the front! Now - we just have to keep the plants alive. This will be no small task given my track record. Sorry little plants - your new gardener is a forgetful (sometimes lazy) waterer.

Anyways.,..I leave you today with this amusing item ( a little wrong I know but it made me laugh):

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  1. I scored tons of large good quality packing boxes from IT department at work. At the time they had a lot of computer boxes and were happy to let me help get rid of them. One of our friends used Francis Movers and they supplied boxes of any size for under $2 each.

    1. Good idea on the computer boxes. I'll see what I can round up. I'd be willing to buy some too if they were under $2 a box.

  2. Woah. The curb appeal is INSANE on the new house!!! Amazing.

    1. Thanks! The photos were done by a professional for the real estate agent so it doesn't usually look quite as nice as this (especially in the winter)


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