Jan 16, 2014

Getting ready to sell

Hi friends,

Oh my, lot's going on today. Thought I'd provide a brief update on some of the updates we are making to prepare our house to go on sale next week.

1. De-cluttering. This one is pretty obvious especially with two kids. We have rented a storage locker and are filling it up. I am a big fan of clean and simple so this is good for us.

2. Clearing out furniture. Our master bedroom and basement had accumulated a lot of excess furniture. This is all moving to the storage locker. It makes a big change!

3. Touching up paint - Too bad we can't paint outside in the cold. Our front steps really need a good paint job

4. Junk bin to clear out garage and debris from the ice storm.

5. Purchasing inexpensive finishing touches. This is the fun part. Below is my shopping list:

a. Small rug for the upstairs hall. Maybe this one:

b. Runner for the downstairs hall (I've posted about my search for the perfect runner before. Unfortunately, I've had commitment issues. But now it is down to the wire. Hopefully, Boutique Target can come to the rescue

c. New reading lamp for living room (our old one died)

So it looks like there will be a visit to our Swedish friends this weekend and of course Boutique Target (do you find you can't leave that store without spending at least $100 or is it just me?)

Any good tips for getting ready for the sale? Do tell.

I leave to today with the following amusing item:
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your picks. That reading light is awesome...may need to get one of those!!! Good luck!!! I'm sure it will be smooth sailing. :)

  2. See now if we are all smart, we'd do a blogger house sale/swap. You buy the new one, I'll buy yours and maybe someone will want mine :-) Deal?


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