Jan 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a lovely season and New Year's. It has been an eventful holiday here at Casa Marshall. I had meant to post a bit more but with getting the flu and the ice storm that hit Toronto I haven't had the chance. We are STILL waiting to have our phone / internet re-connected. Because we buy through a wholesaler getting Bell to fix their line has proved extremely difficult. Thankfully, Rogers very kindly upgraded my cell data for no additional cost so that we can access the internet through our cells.

Here is a quick run down of some of the holiday season highlights from around here:

  • Santa was very good to all of us. Mommy and Daddy got a new Canon D60 camera in the boxing day sales (yay!) Looking forward to upping my photography game in the new year.

We booked ourselves a fun spring getaway with friends in Puerto Vallarta. Can't wait to get some sunshine especially after this ice storm and all.

We hosted friends for New Years. I had TOTALLY planned to get some snaps with the new cam cam but then with all the festivities I forgot. Boo. I even had my tiered stand out with macaroons from Nadege. Next Year for sure!

And that brings me to the 2014 To Do List.

Key things to get done in 2014 include:

  • Find new house for the Marshall Family. If nothing else the hunt will be fun
  • Finish off dream room design boards and post on the Marshall House Matters Love List 
  • Spruce up basement with Art
  • Spruce up bathroom (replace shelves?)
  • Fix front hallway stair post (paint white?)
  • Update blog design - something clean, fresh and creative.

Okay in the interest of keeping it real, I will cut the list off here. Let's see what gets done.

I leave you with this:
Thanks for stopping by!

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