Jan 23, 2014

Not my main bathroom

Hi friends,

So far we've got 26 showings booked on our house. We are hoping that this translates into at least one offer on Monday. Today, I am sharing pics of my downstairs bathroom. They turned out well I must say. Probably better than the actual bathroom looks ;)

This is the photo that my real estate agent used on mls. From the outside, one would probably assume that this is the main bathroom. Not so my friends. It's the basement bathroom. The main bathroom on the 2nd floor isn't nearly as lovely. But you wouldn't know unless you toured the house or read this blog post.

I am slightly obsessed with bathroom design. I have a huge pinterest board of all my dream bathrooms. Something spa like would be amazing. I am so looking forward to having my own bathroom. The house we have a conditional offer on has a master ensuite. But I will eventually want to change it up to my tastes.

I leave you today with these amusing items (it was this kind of day today - I suspect an ice age is coming):

And this fun bathroom idea board, I've been playing around with:

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