Jan 10, 2014

Organizing Do's and Don'ts

Happy Weekend everyone!

Big news in the Marshall House. We are putting an offer in on a house. It's conditional on the sale of this one. I'll keep you posted on the outcome. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I am back with some Do's and Don'ts. I thought with it being January and all it was a good time to take a closer look at organizing. Let's see what we should and shouldn't be doing on this front. Of course, the don'ts are meant in good fun and please feel free to disagree or offer your thoughts. The more the better

First up, DON'T leave shelves half full and sloppy like this:

DO make good use of your shelves like this (living in an almost 100 year old house that was built before the time of closets I feel extra passionate about this).
source: unknown (pinterest via google.com) Please let me know if this is yours

DON'T ignore vertical space and allow things to accumulate on the floor like this:

DO maximize your vertical storage space like this:

DON'T over fill shelves creating a cluttered look.

DO take the time to organize, plan and style your shelves like this:

DON't pile things up and leave them where they can't be found again

DO label and organize for easy and quick retrieval

I think that covers today's thoughts on organizing. Did I miss any? Do tell :)

I leave you with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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