Jan 7, 2014

Traditional Navy and White Family Room

Hi friends,

It was a cold one today. Really cold. Scary cold. I had to walk for 15 minutes from the train in the cold. Did I mention that we moved out to California after I graduated to get away from the cold? What was I thinking moving back? Anyways...enough complaining from me.

In good news, we are still in talks for this house. It could get interesting my friends. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I've pulled together an idea board for a cozy navy and white family room to share with you all.
Let's go Navy

I love that picture wall in the adjoining dining room. And the wainscoting. I dream of wainscoting.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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  1. GAH I just never get sick of navy and white together. Beautiful design! I'm off to check out that sofa!

    -kelly @ view along the way

  2. I am really into navy right now! So clean and pretty! Love the design. And boo the cold!!! Maybe you'll make it back to CA one day soon! :)


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