Feb 20, 2014

Backyard here i come

Hi friends,

It's raining and lightning outside as I write this and I just hope we don't have another quick freeze again. I am so done with winter! In thinking warm thoughts, I am sharing pics of our new backyard deck. I can't wait till we move in and the weather gets nice. Our current house has almost no backyard so it will be a nice treat. Fingers crossed that pretty spring flowers pop up at the new place. I hope the people buying our place enjoy the daffodils and tulips I've planted over the years.

As I've said about the other pics, these were taken with a very wide angle lens so the yard isn't as big as it appears. Wish it was though ;)

Too bad this table doesn't come with the place. Maybe they'll forget to move it?

And what's that peeking through the fence?

A pool! It's a dream come true for this former life guard. I've never had one before so I hope it doesn't come with too many hassles. Keep the dream alive! Who wants to come over for a pool party?

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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