Feb 9, 2014

Craftsman Style office pics

Hi friends,

Hope you had a super amazing weekend. Things were busy around here as always. And it was cold and snowy. Again. My body thinks it needs to hibernate / stock up for the ice age that is coming so there has been a lot of eating. This must stop as we are going to Mexico in the near future and I will be required to don bathing gear. The Healthy eating begins tomorrow ;)

Thought I'd share some of the other pics from our new place. Please keep in mind that these are real estate photos taken with a very WIDE lens and awesome lighting. Unfortunately, the place does not live up to the pics. The rooms are smaller and older looking than the pics let on.

Although none of them are super large, the new place has 5 bedrooms. This means that I'll be able to use one of them as an office (in our current place, I use my laptop in bed which leads to more naps than anything else). Below is a pic of the room I'll be using as my office:

We won't have any sofas to put in the room initially. I am thinking of putting my desk in the same spot as the previous owners did but then using the rest of the room for storage and craft supplies. I'd also like to paint it - but it isn't on the priority list.

Here are some inspiration pics of what I'd eventually like to do with the room

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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