Feb 10, 2014

Hallway Storage Needs

Hi friends,

Have you got your valentine's ready to go? Here at Casa Marshall we have about 100 cards to get ready as both boys have school and after school programs that will be celebrating valentine's day. We better pick up our game! Thankfully, I've skipped the custom photo cards this year and gone for the crowd favorite Starwars Valentines.

Today, I am sharing pics from our new place's hallway. Hard to see from the pics but it needs a good paint job. It also needs some better storage solutions. I need places to hide things! We have so many coats, boots, hats etc. that I need to figure out a storage bench for beside the front door and closet doors for that hook area. It's lovely but simply not functional for a messy family like us. Must hide clutter ;)

The to do list for this hallway include:

  • Replace window
  • Replace door (it's lovely and original but drafty and not as fortified as I would like. I'm thinking a nice craftsman style door with small windows at the top would be nice)
  • Large afghan style rug
  • Paint - BM Cloud white semi gloss
  • Storage bench 
  • Barn door style sliding door for closet? 

Any tips for adding storage in this hallway? Would love to hear.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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