Feb 5, 2014

Priority 1 List

Hi friends,

Is it the weekend yet? How about now? :)

Today, I am sharing my priority 1 project list for the new house. These are the smaller items that I want to tackle first.

1. Lighting. I am super passionate about lighting. It makes a room for me.

I want to switch out this craftsman style light:

with this globe light.

I also need to switch out the pink chandeliers in the boy's rooms. I am good with them but they have requested a change. I found a great deal on at Urban Outfitters on this light (must order soon!)

2. Doors. The second floor has old painted doors that are past their prime. I'd like to replace them with crisp new doors like these:

3. Rugs. This is a tough one because we are hard on rugs so I am loathe to invest in fancy ones. Also, I find that rugs never look as I think they will. They can be bossy and often don't get along with the other furniture. Here is one that I'm considering for the front entryway:

Any recommendations for items on my list? I am especially looking for good deals on rugs.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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