Feb 13, 2014

Re-creating my living room

Hi friends,

It's almost the weekend (a long one with 3 days off!). I can hardly wait.

Today, I am sharing pics of the living room in our new place. It is not as big as the pics make it look. And you'll have to excuse the current contents - it is not my style at all. Although, I must say that brown shag rug would pretty much hide anything we spilled on it which could be helpful.

My plan for this room is to re-create my existing room. Original? No. Practical? Yes - definitely. Plus, I love my current living room. I even want to find a way to re-create my fireplace and built-ins. Those are one of my most popular blog posts and Pinterest pins. As a reminder, here is my current setup

The to do list for the new room includes:

  • Painting (my current living room is Benjamin Moore Cloud White with Snowfall White Trim)
  • I am quite keen to get rid of the red glass on the window. It's pretty but won't match. Do you think I can cover it over with tissue paper or something? Let me know your thoughts.
  • Create fake fireplace :) I don't really need a real one  - I just want the look

I leave you today with the following amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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