Mar 21, 2014

Easter DIY Do's and Don'ts

Hi friends,

So I thought I'd bring you some Easter do's and don'ts today ;) As you are all getting your Easter crafting on perhaps these tips will be of help. Things are still very busy with packing and work around here so I am living vicariously through this blog and planning all the crafts that I won't be doing. Maybe you'll do some and I can pretend that I had a little part in inspiring you?

As always these do's and don'ts are meant to be fun - and please do let me know if I've got any wrong. Help me help you :)

First up, DO pull together a festive spring centerpiece like this:

DON'T double up on planters in your haste to be festive like this:

DO combine your Easter eggs and spring flowers for extra festiveness like this:

DON'T mix up Easter and Hallowe'en like this:

DO pull together pretty woodland baskets like this:

source: Martha Stewart Living

DON'T give out beer and chapsticks baskets for Easter like this:

DO bake up some holiday treats for the kids like these:

DON'T create pink, edible cats for easter - stick to the basics please :)

Okay so I think that covers it on Easter DIY. Did I miss any? Please do share :)

I leave you today with this amusing item - how fun would it be to dine here?

Thanks for stopping by!

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