Mar 28, 2014

Hip Prints for Boys' new rooms

Hi friends,

Tomorrow is d-day for our move. What am I doing blogging when tomorrow is move day? Good question :)  It's just a quick post I promise.

I have ideas racing through my head as to what we can do with the new place. And I am especially excited about the boy's room because we can really do something fun with them. Bust out some color rather than playing it safe.

I am a total sucker for hip art prints and would love to acquire some of these for the boy's rooms:

Print Choices for the Boys

Unfortunately, a few of these are sold out at the clearly I am not the only one that covets them. Let's all cross our fingers that they come back into stock.

I leave you today with this amusing item (brought to you by the lovely Ms. Luise :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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