Mar 31, 2014

It just got real!

Hi friends,

It finally happened. We moved. A few hiccups along the way but we made it. And I am so happy with the new place. It feels huge. We've never had this much space. I am used to needing Ikea storage units but am quickly coming to the realization that I no longer need these. I have closets and cupboards and rooms for my storage needs.

Here are some pics from the move:

Check out that truck! My husband drove it. It's amazing that they let people rent those things.

And here is how the kitchen looked when we first got moved in.

It has taken a while to unpack the kitchen as I've had to clean all of the cupboards and drawers and then line them. It's going faster now that this initial stage is out of the way Can you see my color coding system on the boxes? It worked super well for ensuring things got to the right location in the new house.

I'll have some more pics of the new place tomorrow. I have a to do list that is 10,000 miles long so lots of blog posts to come :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:
Thanks for stopping by!

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