Mar 2, 2014

Shopping finds and other news

Hi friends,

Hope it's been a good weekend. I am not sure where it went but I am glad to have enjoyed a few moments with the family before getting back to work.

We are watching the Oscars right now and I've been a little disappointed in the fashion.  Sandra Bullock did well though. Classic, elegant but not boring black. What do you think? Any best / worst dressed nominations?

My lovely friend Luise started a blog this weekend. Check it out. It's super awesome: Professional Women's Perspectives

So I had some good shopping finds this weekend that I wanted to share.

First up, we stopped by Boutique Target and low and behold they have spring decor items in. Super exciting. I must say.

These outdoor rugs just might stand up to the mess storm that my children will subject them to:

and the price is right too at $69.00

I also saw this cute pillow (again very indestructible as its made for the outdoors)

and this cute jar

I also wanted to mention all the good finds I came across at the Loblaws Superstore. The SuperStores (this one was up at Don Mills) are bigger than than the regular grocery stores and they have an amazing selection. Check out these cute kids decor items (at very low prices):

And their craft supply section blew me away. Check out all this washi tape:

There is nothing better than getting craft supplies during a boring grocery shop!

Do you have any fun recent finds? Do tell :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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