Mar 17, 2014

Shopping for ideas

Hi friends,

Hope you've all enjoyed this fabulous St. Patrick's Day. I have a little Irish in me (maybe 5-10%) but this year we are taking it easy so please have a green beer for me and tell our Mayor to get back to work if you see him out partying ;)

Today was my last day of vacation before going back to work. My husband and I hit up a few furniture stores for ideas for our new place and went out to lunch. It was a blissful day what can I say.

We went to Liberty Village (man I wish I lived here in my 20's - such a great setup).

We hit up all the usual suspects - West Elm, EQ3, etc but I must say EQ3 really caught my attention.

I adore their Marimekko fabric section - these bold prints are amazing for drapes. I saw a new teal print that might just have to adorn our window in the new living room. Now if I could only sew.

I also found some good rug options for our new family area:

And how cute are these stools?

Finally, this mirror might be the answer for our 2nd floor bathroom:

So lot's of exciting ideas to think about! Can you tell that I am an over thinker when it comes to decor decisions? It's the fear of commitment. But I do enjoy the search so it's all good.

I leave you today with this amusing item on the topic of shopping - unless you are one of the lucky ones and have never seen this kind of thing before :)

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