Apr 29, 2014

Tour: Friend's Coastal Basement Reno

Hi everyone,

Today, I have a fun treat to share with you. Good friends of ours recently renovated their basement and the result was stunning. The basement has a coastal vibe mixed with lots of amazing built in storage.

Unfortunately, I was snapping photos around our kiddos and without the best lighting so these pics don't begin to do it justice to this space. They give the general idea though so just imagine these photos with nice light.

And without further ado - I give you pics of the most gorgeous basement renovation I've ever seen! Candice Olson would be proud :)

And there you have it. A chic basement reno with plenty of storage. Nice right?

I leave you today with this amusing item (brought to you by the lovely Miss Luise at Professional Women's Perspectives)

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Apr 27, 2014

Update: Bedroom painted

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was eventful and as always way too fast. Mondays are the hardest day of the week.

I do have some progress on the house to share today though. It's all thanks to my husband - I can't take any credit for it but I will proudly show it off.

If you remember, our bedroom looked like this when we bought it:

At the top of the list, I wanted to lighten and brighten. Some trusty Benjamin Moore Cloud White and it looks like this now:

Now please ignore the sparse furnishings. Rome wasn't built in a day :) We decided to forgo our bedframe because having the bed lower makes the room look bigger (the previous owners had a giant bed that dominated the room). However, it does mean I need new end tables.

In terms of colors, I really want to use a coastal palette for the room with blues and greens.

And I am really digging this Dwell bedding set in coastal hues:

I also love this PotteryBarn Set:

So there you have it - an update on our bedroom. I hope you don't mind seeing it in progress - its going to be completed slowly over time rather than all at once.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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Apr 25, 2014

Earthy greens

Happy weekend everyone!

It's been a long hard week and I couldn't be more excited to get this weekend started. To kick things off, I've rounded up an earthy treasury of green goodies from Etsy.

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