Apr 10, 2014

More house pics

Hi friends,

I had promised to share the new front hall closet my husband built today but unfortunately it will have to wait until tomorrow as I haven't managed to get photos of it yet.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some pics from around the house. Here is what the dining room currently looks like:

On the to do list:

  • Buy indestructable rug for under the table
  • Artwork / wall decor
  • New dining room chairs (this is a ways away as I want upholstered ones)
  • Paint - not sure about the color yet as it connects to most of the main floor. Maybe just a simple white 
  • Possibly drapes 

And this is what the living room looks like:

On the to do list:

  • Paint! I want to lighten this room up. Probably white paint. I usually use Benjamin Cloud White because its warmer and doesn't look too sterile. Any white paint recommendations? I like bright whites but don't want anything too sterile or alternately too peachy / creamy.
  • Drapes - I need to find a pale grey print 
  • Something to cover the red in the stained glass. I am considering paint / tissue paper :) I know that sounds terrible but I really am at a loss here
  • New pictures / paintings. I am not used to these high ceilings and need to get larger prints to fit them
  • Add a faux fireplace or built-ins. This is a longer term goal but I think it would really kick things up a notch

So lots to go!

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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