Apr 8, 2014

New rug for family room

Hi friends,

We've been making some small decor updates around the new house. I have a huge list but need to save up to afford most of it. Right now it is just the absolute must-do's

We added this rug to the family area:

It's an indoor / outdoor rug from Boutique Target. Super cheap and durable until I get afford to get something nice and we learn how to stop spilling things

As you can see - we are still not unpacked. The mirror still has bubble wrap on it (which is super fun stuff I might add).

Here is the to do list for this room:

  • Style shelves (right now we just have random clutter). 
  • Change the light (I am absolutely dying to do this)
  • Replace cheapo blinds with simple roman blinds or maybe California shutters
  • New sofa (who am I kidding this won't happen for a very long time due to funding constraints)
  • Change Paint color. Maybe a blue grey?

Any suggestions? I am very interested in good deals and online lighting retailers right now.

Stay tuned for my next post. I have a surprise Ikea hack. I had no idea it would go so fast and easy. I need to assign more of these projects to my husband ;)

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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