Apr 13, 2014

Reveal: Ikea Closet Hack

Hi friends,

Well it turns out that it is easier to create an Ikea closet hack than it is to take a nice photo of it. I have taken about 100 photos of our entryway to get one with good light that shows off the closet. Ugh. But I think I finally have a few that I can share.

Here is the closet before:

Not bad but our family is way too messy and many coated to have an open closet. If it's one thing I can't stand its visual clutter. I knew as soon as I saw this cubby area that it had to be converted to a closet. If it was in a mudroom at the back of the house, that would be a different story, but this is the main entryway. First impressions are important!

Now the hallway is tall so we had to find something that would fit the closet and something that fit our budget. Custom carpentary is a wonderful thing but with all of our money having gone into purchasing this house, there is none left for a fancy custom solution.

Enter my Swedish friends. Ikea has a solution for everything. We were pleased as punch when we realized that the Ikea PAX doors would fit our closet space.

My husband than rigged up a top sliding bar and some trim for the bottom and there you have it: Hello Hidden storage :)

Now this isn't our forever solution. Some day we will have custom carpentry done and elegant french doors but until that day this will do nicely.And at $220 plus free labor from my hubby it was a good deal :)

The hallway still has a ways to go too. Items on the to do list include:

  • Paint (it has a really yellow cream paint right now that looks dingy)
  • New rug - a big turkish kilm would be amazing
  • New window - the current one is old and ill fitting
  • New door? This one I'm torn on as its the original door and its quite nice. The issues are safety, privacy (it feels like we are on display), and draftiness. If there was a way to put another door behind this one or something that would be the ideal. 

So lot's to come as you can see.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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