May 21, 2014

Office painted Ben Moore Lilac Whisper

Hi friends,

Good news - we've all made it past Wednesday, hump day, and are well on our way to the weekend. Rejoice! I hear its going to be nice weather too.

Today, I am sharing pics of my newly painted office. Here is what the room looked like before as a reminder:

Before I get to the reveal - WAIT - don't scroll down! I must tell you that that the room decor is still a work in progress. There will be more to follow in subsequent posts.

The new paint color is Benjamin Moore Lilac Whisper with some grey mixed in to mute it down. When first painted, the room had an icky sugary glow to it. It looked quite babyish and I wanted something more sophisticated. Our local paint store agreed to help out and add some grey to the paint. Can we re-create this shade again? Probably not. Do I like it better? yes - I do. So we win some we loose some.

Without further ado here is what the office looks like with the new paint color (keeping in mind the decor is still a work in progress)

It's a bold choice isn't it? I've seen so many chic lilac rooms lately that I just had to go for it. Also - with three boys I secretly craved some girlieness, I can now check that box off :)

In terms of next steps for the decor, here is the list:
  • Possibly this rug:

source: West Elm

  • Replace light with this:

    • source: Ikea
      • Remove one of the cabinet doors and style up craft supplies it holds
      • Purchase art prints. Frame in gold. 

      What do you think? Is Lilac a silly choice? Would you paint a room lilac? Any decor suggestions?

      I leave you today with this amusing item:

      Thanks for stopping by!

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