May 5, 2014

Pictures, toasters and such

Hi friends,

Hope you all survived Monday. It's always a relief when Monday is done.

Today, I have some small updates to share from around the house. Nothing huge. Just a bit more progress on the ever growing to do list.

We hung our photos from the upstairs hall in the dining room:

And we bought this cute side table / stool at Target. At $50ish it was a steal.

And in even more exciting news - we got a new toaster :) Our other one died and so we replaced it with this beauty:

It's a little slow to toast - I'm not going to lie. But it looks good and that is what I value most in a toaster.

And that covers the updates for today :) Nothing too exciting but it helps to celebrate the little things along the way

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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