May 20, 2014

Random Midweek Thoughts

Hi friends,

I am trying out a new midweek series of posts that are more open ended. These will give me an opportunity to bring in some non decor themed items as well as links to amazing content in the blogosphere and some random silly items. As you probably know from the way most blog posts end around here, I have a soft spot for all things humorous and silly. Especially silly. Life is short and if we can have a few laughs along the way I say let's do :)

I have 5 random items to share today;)

1. I am slightly awestruck by the wide array of Starwars home decor items available. I have a secret pinboard that documents them. Today for the first time ever I will share these valuable finds:

You're welcome.

2. Regular readers of this blog may wonder about the recent pace of home improvements here at Casa Marshall. Today you shall learn the truth. This trend is short lived sadly. My husband doesn't start his next contract until June 5th so he's been doing all of the great work you've seen recently. I just take credit for it. Things will slow down a lot once he goes back to 60 hour work weeks.

3. I am scared of wallpaper. There I said it. Even the temporary kind. It seems like a lot of work. Truth be told I am more of a dreamer than a doer. Hence the reason for the lack of DIY and craft posts around here. If I'm honest - power tools are not my friends. Working a full time job plus having a family means very limited spare time. Its easy enough to whip off quick posts with poor grammar at night. It's harder to actually plan and carry out craft projects.

All this being said, some day I will get up the nerve to pull the trigger on one these lovelies:

source: Etsy - WallPlays

source: Etsy - Livettes

4. I am in love with this Living Room - Everything single thing is so perfect. Especially the gold mirror

5. Ever wonder which items are the most popular on Pinterest. I know there are a lot of fancy apps and such but I am low tech about these things. Below is my all time most popular pin:

(My fabulous places for fire is also my most popular board). What is your most popular pin / board? Do tell :)

So there you have it - random midweek facts. I'll be back tomorrow to reveal my new office paint color.

Thanks for stopping by!

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