May 28, 2014

Random midweek thoughts

Hi friends,

So glad it's almost Thursday and the weekend is close again. Today I have some random findings and musings to share.

1. This summer hostess gift idea has captured my interest (easy, stylish, and unique = perfect)

2. Are you a tea lover? I am. Coffee no. Tea yes. And lots of it. Lately David's Teas have caught my attention. This Canadian company is everywhere these days and their teas are just delish. I am especially loving the 'Currant Affair' flavour with black currants and Rooibos. It's heavenly.

Do you have a favorite tea? Do tell

3. Lavender is my passion. I am always on the lookout for lavender flavored foods and beverages.

This lavender soda water (only 25 calories!) is simply the best

lavender ice cream and macaroons are my kryptanite and these cookies look divine:

4. Have you noticed the buffalo design trend or is it just me?

5. This room is to die for - especially that simple, modern bird print

I leave you today with this amusing (but not particularly safe) idea:

Thanks for stopping by!

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