Jun 1, 2014

Because we're not made of money

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend with lots of sunshine, friends and family.

Today, I am sharing the final lighting updates here at Casa Marshall (at least for the next little while). As you can probably tell from the title of this post, these are not big blingy chandeliers. I splurged a little on the other lights we bought here and here, so these final lighting choices for the upstairs had to be inexpensive.

As you may recall, the light in my office, looked like this:

And here is the new light:

The new light is the Vanadin from Ikea for $26.99 Cdn

It's simple and does the job. I like that it's not that icky yellow / brown color like the other light.

We also replaced the light in the spare room. It had the same yellow light as the office. Here is the light we chose for the spare room:

It's the Alang from Ikea for $39.99 Cdn. Again simple and functional. And so much better than the yellow light before.

So there you have it - inexpensive lighting updates because we are not made of money :) Although we'd like to be ;)

I leave today with this:

I am so sad to have to wait until next year for the final 7 episodes of MadMen! It is one of my all time favorite shows

Thanks for stopping by!

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