Jun 9, 2014

Closet Dilemma

Hi friends,

Yes - its true we all survived another Monday (if you are reading this post you must be alive ;)

Today, I just have a quick post on a dilemma that has been on my mind. It has to do with my closet in the new house. Some might call it a walk in closet and say that there are matching his and hers walk in closets. But they would be real estate agents and not exactly accurate.

Due to the sloped third floor roof, space in the closets is severely limited. I am used to the massive amount of storage my Ikea PAX's gave me in the old house. I could easily find whatever I needed.

Now its a struggle to find my clothes in the morning. The closet bar is waist height versus eye level and my clothes are all smushed together. I've tried to colonize my husband's closet but he needs more space too.

Here are some pics of what we are currently dealing with:

See what I mean? The proportions are awkward (although on a side note - I am pleased with the necklace hanging system I've rigged up using 3M hooks).

To address the closet space problem, my options include:
1. Reduce wardrobe (not likely)
2. Further colonize husband's closet (likely)
3. Use 2nd floor spare bedroom closet (for less frequently used items)
4. Purchase another ikea pax wardrobe / repurpose one of the ones in our spare room (for the longer term when I can devote funds to it)

I'll probably do some combination of options 2-4. What do you think? Are there any options I am overlooking? Any closet organizational genius out there that has yet to come to my attention? Do tell :)

I leave you today with this additional solution to my problems:

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