Jun 22, 2014

House Exterior - Summer Pics

Hi friends,

Where has our weekend gone? I turned around and it was Sunday night. Thank goodness we have a long weekend coming up.

We managed to try out the pool for the first time this weekend. Still a little cool but it looks like the pool chemistry is finally under control.

We also did a little landscaping work around the house. Nothing great - just replaced a few plants that didn't make it through our terrible winter. Next up - a serious hair cut for the out of control vine in our front yard. If left to it's own devices that thing could take over the world in the next few months.

Here are some pics of our house with the garden in full summer mode. See if you can spot the out of control vine. It is pretending to be a shrub.

This pic from the North side is kinda interesting. It makes us look like we live in the country. We don't. We live steps away from the local business area but it's nice to pretend sometimes.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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