Jun 20, 2014

New wall art + midweek musings

Hi friends,

We've got some framed pictures up in the guestroom and the room is starting to come together.

Next step is to move our bedroom furniture into this room and get new stuff for us. Just need to save up....

Did you see all the buzz recently about the IkeaHackers website? Apparently, Ikea wanted it to cease and desist but now that so many people have protested they've backed off. I was amazed at some of the best hacks that Gizmodo highlighted here. Ikea has inspired some serious innovation - I would have never thought to construct bookshelves out of our toy bins. And hamster habitats? Unbelievable.

This is my favorite pin this week

I want to steal leverage this washi tape idea to create a celestial design on the navy wall in my son's room.

I need an occasion to make these ( I can't wait for Cinco de Mayo)

I leave you today with this interesting thought.

Thanks for stopping by!

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