Jun 23, 2014

Old or New Front Door?

Hi friends,

Oh it was a tough Monday. Woo wee. Yes  - somebody here is ready for the upcoming long weekend.

Anyways...Today on the blog I wanted to address my front door. It is is vintage. It is original. And it has tons of Character

But I don't love it. It has problems.

They can be explained as follows:

  • It's drafty
  • It does not qualify as a 'super safe' door
  • I have to cover the glass with an Ikea blind so that the neighbourhood can't see me walking around the house 

Eventually, we will get a new door. But I will feel bad because the old door is the real deal. And it will cost a lot to replace the door (I learned this when we had the door in our previous house replaced. The cost isn't the door but rather the custom carpentry to fix the trim work). Also - while I want a safe door, I also like light. I want windows in my door to let the light in. So on that note, maybe I should just keep the old door and replace the Ikea shade with something more stylish.

Stay tuned. Random updates to follow over the upcoming months :)

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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