Jun 8, 2014

Operation Pool

Hi friends,

Hope you all had the best of times this weekend. Summer weekends are upon us and I couldn't be happier. It's that brief time of the year when the weather is absolutely perfect and everyone tries to spend as much as time as possible outside.

This weekend was all about opening our pool. As it came with the house, and we've never had one before, we are still learning. I did work as a lifeguard as a teenager but this is a whole different beast.

Here is a brief rundown of how things have progressed:

1. Get excited about warm weather.
2. Remove winter pool cover
3. Notice swampy brown water. Wonder why leaves and debris were left in the pool
4. Add house water
5. Stop adding house water in a moment of panic that what we really need to do is drain the swamp water and start over
6. Decide to trust the process and stick with the swamp water
7. Convince family members to spend countless hours skimming and cleaning pool while I supervise
8. Turn on filter
9. Purchase pool starter kit and add algicide and chlorine
10. Witness the magic and wonder of chemicals - as our swamp water turns to beautiful blue crystal clear water
11. Realize that chlorine is an addition and we will be pouring it into the pool like crack cocaine to ensure that the swamp water doesn't return
12. Decide to wait until its warm enough to go swimming (and some of the chlorine evaporates).

Here are some pictures from the adventure so far:

Notice my pool guy at work (I need to find an incentive system to keep my son motivated to continue this good work over the summer)

Who's in for drinks and beach ball volleyball? For the low price of $200, we are selling pool memberships. Pay no attention to the swamp water comments. I am willing to trade the membership fee for pool maintenance services. Let me know ;)

I leave you today with this:

Thanks for stopping by!

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