Jul 23, 2014

Having a blast

Hi friends,

Sorry for the silence the last few days. Things have been busy around here and I took some time off to staycation with the kiddos. My husband doesn't have vacation time right now so it was just me and the boys for some quality summer fun.

We've made a tradition of heading to Centerville on Center Island in Toronto. The kids love the ferry and the cute rides and I like seeing them have fun and avoiding the crowds.

As a bit of an aside, I was proud of myself for going along with my boys's outfits today. You see for many years dressing them was a hobby of mine. I was really into picking out the perfect outfits and high end kids clothes and they indulged me. But things got really hectic with our move to the new place this past spring and I had to let a few things go. One of them was picking out the boys' outfits the night before. They were fine to dress themselves and even took pride in it. Especially my youngest. He knows what he likes. One thing they both like is tank tops. I think its because I never bought them for them because they don't give good sun coverage. Anyways...they begged me to buy them for them at the grocery store (good old Joe Fresh) and now its tanks tops all the time. I call them Tank Top Tim and Tank Top Tom. Oh yeah. Today for our special day, they both picked their tank tops. My youngest's is too small. And he paired it with camo shorts. But I just smiled because it was so cute to see how much he loved it.

Here are some pics from our adventure today:

With summer, we've also been busy with soccer, tennis and swimming. Here is my youngest in all of this soccer glory:

I leave you today with this amusing item:

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