Jul 14, 2014

Kitchen Window View

Hi friends,

We all survived another Monday (I think I write this every Monday he-he). Today, I'm sharing some pics from around the kitchen. I love the view of our backyard from the kitchen windows and it's always a great way to start the day gazing out the window. Sometimes, we spot remnants of our pool toys that have been attacked by raccoons but that is another post for another day ;)

Here is a very casual look at life from our kitchen windows (and by casual I mean messy real life)

 Why yes - that is my son's hand in the picture....

The orchids have been a lovely addition. They seem to be the go-to house warming gift and I couldn't be happier to receive these beauties. Let's just hope the old black thumb stays away.

Any tips on keeping these pretties alive? So far so good but I really don't know what I'm doing. You can see this via my wilting mint plant:

Save the orchids!

I am thinking this positive thinking pot might help:

Thanks for stopping by!

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