Jul 20, 2014

Laundry Room Plan

Hi friends,

It's been a busy weekend around here.

In between tennis and playdates, I gave some thought to next steps for our house. As we don't have funds for any major renovations or re-designs at this point, it's all about the little things. One room that could really benefit from a few small updates is our laundry room. Although, I'd love to move it up to the second floor, that is not going to happen so the plan is to jazz it up and make it a more enjoyable place to spend time. Below is the idea board I pulled together:

Laundry Room Idea Board

The main things that are needed are rug, stylish storage and wall decor. I added in the steamer for good measure. Gotta have a stretch goal right? :) Also, I saw that Lowes has pre-fab countertops (laminate) for around $100 that would give us a folding service. Some even look like my favorite - marble.

I leave you today with this silly thought:

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