Jul 1, 2014

Photo Options for Living Room

Hi friends,

Hope you all had an amazing Canada Day. It was a quiet day here at Casa Marshall but a good one. Sadly, my four day weekend has come to an end. It was great while it lasted!

I've had some time to think about the next steps for our living room. We really want to get a large piece of artwork for the back wall. A mounted photo finished with a shiny resin coating would be the ideal. But art is a big expensive commitment so I want to get it right before diving in.

Here is what the wall looks like now (ignore the credenza it needs to move).

Not pretty I know (this is just a quick iphone photo)

We want to replace our Ork posters with a large piece of custom photo art. I was looking on Etsy initially but found that most of the photos are sold printed which won't work for us as we need a large size and want to have it resin coated (who doesn't like shiny things?).

Then I found Shutterstock.com and my problems were solved. For $29 I can buy two digital photos and enlarge them as needed. Awesome.

Here is our living room with some of the photos I'm considering:

I am really digging the top one. It works best with the colors in the room (in my humble opinion). What do you think? Yes / No?

I also want to add some side lamps and possibly paint the accent wall bunny grey. The previous brown color had more contrast with the ceiling and rounded plaster molding. I'd like to capture that contrast again only with a blue / grey color. It would be just an accent wall to keep the room looking as big and bright as possible.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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