Jul 13, 2014

Weekend Update - Wall decor

Hi friends,

Hope you all enjoyed this glorious weekend. Summer is the best.

Today, I have some updates on wall decor I've been getting ready around the house. Nothing major I just like to share the small details along the way.

First up, I have re-framed the french vintage racing posters for my son's room. We had them in Ikea Ribba Frames which as you make recall broke and became a safety hazard due to the glass. I've replaced them with Ikea Nyttja Frames that are much lighter and have plastic instead of glass. Perfect for my son's room. And inexpensive too.

Next, I've got this print ready for my office:

We lived in LA for a few years and I wanted a poster that captured this (as you may recall we have the Ork prints for the other cities we've lived in)

And I got this cute poster. I was going to put it in my younger son's room but I am thinking of keeping it for my office. It's got a happy vibe.

And then there are these two old favorites. I love how they look on the exposed brick in our family room.

I leave you today with this thought:

Thanks for stopping by!

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