Aug 6, 2014

Back to work

Hi friends,

I really, really need to get my office operational. I continue to try to work from the comfort of our bed while watching tv. While this is a very cozy arrangement, it is not conducive to getting work done. Sleep yes. Work no.

And now that I have an office there is no excuse. But I'll share the reasons for the delay with you anyways :) The main reason is that I am holding out for a new office chair. I currently have no chair and I promised myself that I'd wait 6 months after we moved in to make any major purchases (mainly to save up funds as there are a number of items we need). I even know the chair I want. It's the West Elm Saddleback chair for $349 (US).

And I need to get a bigger desk. Probably just something from Ikea like this:

And, I am dying for one of these:

I am seeing these everywhere and this one looks like it isn't too beige / cream colored.

 I think it would go so nicely with the mauve walls:

Ignore the chair :) It's so uncomfortable I can't use it.

And finally, the room needs some black and gold accents to make it more sophisticated and less girly. These would do nicely:

Positive affirmation right? ;)

At a minimum, I need a chair to start using the office for work. But you can see the chain reaction that happens when I start thinking about what the room needs. And yes - I have probably written about three posts on this room  and two design boards, It's on my mind! I just need the $$$!

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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