Aug 19, 2014

Office Rug Iterations

Hi friends,

 If someone asked me to describe my decorating style or approach I'd say it's 'iterative' I try things out. Some things stay. Most go. Everything looks good in the store (and super amazing online) but few things actually live up to my expectations in real life.

Our house has a constant revolving door of returns. That's okay though. For the most part, I enjoy the process.

And that leads me to today's topic: Office rugs. I've recently purchased two from HomeSense to try out. While lovely and trendy, they didn't work in the office.

First - I tried a tribal shag rug:

I'm dying to embrace this style of rug as I am seeing it everywhere. But this one was too contrasty and shaggy. I am having a hard time loving shag. It's so 70's.

Tomorrow - I'll share pics of the other rug I tried.

I leave you today with this amusing item  - It's feminist Frank :)
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