Aug 4, 2014

Staycation in Toronto

Hi friends,

Alas its the end of a glorious long weekend and I am sad to see it go :( The kids went to my parents and my husband and I enjoyed some of our old haunts around the city. It felt so odd to not have the kids with us - like a trip back in time. Back then, we had all of this spare time and we didn't even know it!

So I'd thought I'd share some of the places we checked it out in case any of you are looking for fun places to check out in Toronto.

First, we went to Queen West to check out the shopping and cafes. When we first graduated from University we lived in this neighbourhood and it's gentrified a lot but there are still some of the old favorites around.

I popped into what used to be the Japanese Paper Store while my husband hit the record stores

It was unbelievably amazing. I died a little. So much crafting goodness. Pure Heaven. Then I hit the ultra hip bookstore next door. The store was hopping. Such great selection. Goes to show if you build it they will come.

I bought several cute books for the kiddos.

We were craving Italian for dinner so we went to this lovely neighbourhood restaurant in CabbageTown
called F'Amelia. It was our first time visiting. The food seemed very authentic but didn't surpass Terroni or Pizza Libretto.

The next morning, we headed to Leslieville. First stop, brunch at Brooklyn Tavern. It was yummy and reminded us a little of when we lived in Brooklyn. Not as hip - but a nice try. Hell we aren't that hip either these days.

Then we checked out some of the local decor stores. Sadly it seems one of my favorite framing places, Telegramme, is closing their Leslieville location. It seems like the West end (Dundas and Ossington) is getting more retail traction these days then Leslieville. The constant street car repairs probably haven't helped matters.

We popped into one of the prettiest bakeries later in the afternoon: Bobbette and Belle. Here are some of the pics I snapped of this chic cafe:

I love it all! Macaroons and tea - yes please :)

Some tennis and lounging and that was staycation 2014. Would love to hear any recommendations that folks have for other places we should check out. We love exploring Toronto - even after the many years we've lived here.

I leave you today with this amusing item:
Thanks for stopping by!

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