Sep 30, 2014

A chair story

Hi friends,

Today, I am sharing the story of my office chair. This is also a progress report on my office ;)

As most folks who read this blog regularly would know, I am obsessed with this West Elm chair:


I fully intended to save up to buy this chair. But - I couldn't go through with it. The chair is $408 Cdn plus tax and shipping. That is a lot of money for an office chair. If it was my living room chair, my 'nice room' for guests, it would have been a different story. Few people will every see my office so I couldn't justify the expense.


Here is what I decided to purchase instead:

Its the Skruvsta swivel chair from my swedish friends at Ikea. It was $129 and available in store. So far I like it but.....


I want to spray paint the base gold to jazz it up. Like this:

And I might even get fancy and re-upholster it (different fabric than this but same idea):

And there you have it - the story of a my office chair so far :) Stay tuned to see where this goes.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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