Sep 9, 2014

Chef Movie Review + Cloud Photos

Hi friends,

It's a hodge podge kind of post today.

First, I must tell you that we saw a fun movie recently - 'Chef' with Jon Favreau

This blog isn't really about movie reviews. But I thought it might be fun to take a pause from the regularly scheduled programming.

I loved the story about a chef who has lost his mojo cooking in a restuarant where he can't control the menu. After a series of unfortunate events, he starts a food truck, takes a cross country adventure with his son and best friend and along the way gets happy again. If you are passionate about food, this film is for you. It's like Jiro Loves Sushi meets Miami and LA The food preparation is so fast and skilled that I could marvel at it all day.

Nuff said - I totally recommend this as a date night pic if you are into this kind of light drama / slice of life / comedy.

And now for the cloud pics. Yes - they have nothing to do with the above movie but my husband took them and i think they turned out amazing. So here you go: some eye candy for your Tuesday.

I leave today with this amusing item. Still loving the iRobot Roomba and this add-on is genius. Cleans your floors and protects your house!

Thanks for stopping by!

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