Oct 30, 2014

A Marshall Halloween

Hi friends,

Hope you are well and ready for the festivities tomorrow night. Whether it is handing out candy to the neighborhood kiddos, taking your own little ones out trick or treating, or turning the lights out and pretending you're not home to avoid the whole holiday, tomorrow night will be special :)

We are headed to our friend's house for dinner and photos and then we'll all head out trick or treating followed by reminding our kids how disappointed the dentist will be if they eat all that candy. It used to be that the candy just quietly disappeared and nobody noticed. The boys are older and savvier now and I'll likely have to buy the candy from them or make it slowly disappear.

In terms of costumes, my husband I will go as ourselves and the boys will be Harry Potter and a Star Wars Clone Trooper. If I'm lucky, I'll get a few photos before the sugar induced hysteria ensures :)

In the spirit of Halloween, I've rounded up some eye candy to share. Check out these adorable carved pumpkins and squash from my friend's house. The butternut squash ghost is genius.

And how about a Hawaiian twist on Halloween?

Having trouble finding a last minute costume? How about one of these:

Breaking Bad Walt and his crystal meth:

And for your furry friends:

Happy Halloween everyone!

Thanks for stopping by :)

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