Oct 28, 2014

House Tour: Northern California Craftsmen Style

Hi friends,

Apologies for the silence around here. I was visiting the San Francisco area last week and things got busy. I have some fun updates to share from my trip and am happy to be back posting :)

First, I wanted to give you a tour of my friends' gorgeous house where I stayed. They are lucky to live south of San Francisco where there is lots of sunshine. The house is California Craftsmen Style and it's just gorgeous.

My favorite room was their formal living room. My friend chose an owl theme for the room and added pops of bright green

I just loved these art tiles in the room

And how adorable is this bench?

Obviously, this fig leaf plant is happy here :)

Poufs are the perfect fit for this corner of the room

What I really liked about my friend's place was the attention to detail. The millwork and floors were stunning. The front entryway shows what I am talking about:

And that impromptu art gallery. Love it.

This leather sofa and combination in their family room is simply perfect:

And there you have it - a sunny South of San Francisco home that is lovingly decorated. A big thank you to my friends for being such gracious hosts and for allowing me to share their abode on the blog. There is much to appreciate :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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