Oct 8, 2014

Mid Week Musings

Hi friends,

I'm back with more midweek musings. We've got the kid's school cross country meet tomorrow and this weekend its Canadian Thanksgiving. Somehow, I signed myself up for turkey duty. More to follow on this as I plan the sides and such later in the week.

In the meantime, I have some eye candy from around the blogosphere to share:

I adore this Melbourne apartment:

And this art idea is very intriguing:

source: Kreavilla.com

We posted those pics I shared last week in my younger son's room:

and I added this map to the accent wall in his room.

Still not done but getting there.

As you can't see the map very well in the picture - here is what it looks like

And that's the musings for this week.

I leave you today with this:

Thanks for stopping by!

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