Nov 12, 2014

Holiday Party Planning

Hi friends,

Yes - it's that time. I can't hide it any longer. Thoughts of holiday fun are taking over.

We are in the midst of planning a holiday open house for friends and family to drop by. This is big for us. In our previous house, we had no room for such festivities. This is the first time we can consider hosting such an event. The good news is that we will get all the holiday festivities completed in one eventful afternoon. The somewhat less good news is that it will be a LOT of work to prepare. Worth it though.

So for the planning. Here is what I'm thinking: pretty glasses like this:


Indigo has a good deal on these at 4 for $38.. I might have to get me some.

Next....Festive decor.

source: crafty so and so

I'm thinking we go big.

Deck the stairs
source: Style at Home Magazine

The mantels
source: Crate and Barrel

The tree

The whole nine yards

And of course, we must feed our guests lots of yummy treats. That are displayed as if Martha herself did it.

I'm thinking of a full spread. Like this:

source: HGTV

This is how we will do it :)

Oh and there will be music. Carols. The one time of the year that I am allowed to bust them out. The kids and I - we'd sing Carols all year round. But my husband - he's not such a fan. We'll turn things around this year with the Michael Bubble holiday mix. He'll see the greatness. you can see we have a ton of work to do here. I hope our guests appreciate all the thought I'm putting into this. And the head start I'm getting. So on top of things I am ;) Check back the night before - I'm sure you'll see more of the same ;)

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Anybody who wears this to our holiday party gets major bonus points.

Thanks for stopping by!

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