Nov 5, 2014

How I'd decorate my living room if I could

Hi friends,

I'm finding it tough to adjust to the time change. The days are getting darker and colder and I miss summer :(  On the positive side, I am spending more time indoors curled up with my laptop and that means more idea boards and decorating ideas for Casa Marshall. The plan is to put a portion of my year end bonus toward new furniture and decor purchases. Fingers crossed everything comes together.

Today I am sharing my ideal living room design board. My current living room would never look like this as it is much smaller but it's fun to dream and important to be ready in case I ever come into money ;)

Dream Living Space

What I love about this room are the lively colors, tall ceilings, and eclectic mix of styles.

What would make up our idea living room?

I leave you today with this amusing thought:

source: From up North - by Drew Ellis

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