Nov 30, 2014

New grey sectional and Turkish kilim pillows

Hi friends,

Hope you all had a glorious weekend. I am not sure where it went but ours was lovely while it lasted. It has been long dark days due to the time of year here in Canada so I haven't had much chance to snap pics with good light. Nevertheless, I've snapped a few 'in progress' shots to share where things are at here at Casa Marshall.

Most notably, we have acquired a giant, super comfy, best ever sectional for the basement. It has changed my life as it is so super cozy that I now enjoy watching movies in our basement. Previously, I was all about watching shows on the computer from the comfort of our bed. Now, I am happy to lounge on our new extra large sofa. We got two large ottomans to go with it so that we can fully recline and the whole family can watch movies together. Good times :)

It's not fancy or anything. It's from our Swedish friends at Ikea but I figure that it is just our basement and it is going to have to endure many years of kids so no sense breaking the bank. Ikea is stylish (and surprisingly fast as it was in stock). I'll use the money we saved for the main floor.

Also - I have ordered the most amazing pillows to go with it. One has arrived. Two are on the way from Turkey. I've ordered beautiful turkish kilim style pillows. They will add color and pizzazz to the otherwise plain dark grey sectional.

Here are some 'in progress' pics. Wish we had better lighting and all of my pillows had arrived but it's a good start I figure.

Thanks for stopping by!

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