Nov 2, 2014

Trip to San Francisco

Hi friends,

I'm a little late posting this but better late than never. I visited some fabulous places on my trip and just had to share in case any of you are ever planning a trip.

First, I toured around one of my favorite shopping areas: Union Square. Bright and sunny with every store one could want, I was a happy camper touring around.

I purchased  a few items from JCrew and Sephora but mostly just happily browsed the shops.

The next day after some tennis, we cleaned up and went into Burlingame. I'd never been here before but it has the cutest shopping street. They even have a David's Tea. Watch out Star bucks these guys are taking over the tea world.

Here are some pics of the shopping area / high street to give you an idea of how nice it is there

On Saturday, we did a super fun girl's night out at a restaurant where they hosted a 'learn to paint' seminar. We all got our own canvas and acrylic paint palette. The instructor then took us through step by step to paint a golden gate bridge landscape. We chatted, painted and drank cocktails. Super fun and also interesting to see how each painting turned out slightly different despite all of us painting the same subject. There were highly textured ones, technically brilliant ones, and a few like mine that didn't get the attention they deserved because the painter got carried away talking and imbibing :) Below is a picture of how mine turned out:

Painting is harder than it looks! Here is what the bridge really looks like:

On Sunday, we did the walk for Lupus which was very inspiring. We supported my dear friend and enjoyed the sunshine and positive vibes. There was a great turnout with what seemed like 1000's of people and it gave me great hope that a cure will be found.

The flight home was a complete disaster with Air Canada cancelling my flight and re-booking me on the red eye  but otherwise I had an amazing trip and would highly recommend visiting San Francisco Full disclosure - I've visited several times before and had the privilege of living and work here for the a short time.

I leave you today with this amusing item:

Thanks for stopping by!

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