Dec 2, 2014

A few more holiday decorations

Hi friends,

We are gearing up for a kids holiday cookie decorating party this weekend. Lot's to do! Thankfully, it is on Sunday so we have Friday night and Saturday to get the heavy lifting done.

I want to buy fresh seasonal decorations like wreaths and paperwhites as well as pull out some of our old favorites. It's so nice to change things up with plants and natural garlands rather than keeping the decor the same each year.

This year, I am really digging gold and green so I'll have to find some ribbon and small accents to weave these colors through the main floor. Nothing too fancy, I just want to make our place appropriately festive and fun.

Here are some pics of what I've managed to do so far.

First, I acquired these pretty berries and an amaryllis for the kitchen. Finding a pretty pot for the amaryllis is at the top of my to do list

Next, I pulled out this pretty silver wreath. I want to find some green ribbon to hang it across the mirror

And I setup this adorable little vignette on our window sill. We used to have wax choir boys that went with the deer but something happened to them (perhaps they were actually used as candles?)

I leave you today with this amusing holiday gift idea:

Thanks for stopping by!

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