Dec 9, 2014

Scandinavian Style Pillow + Holiday Cards

Hi friends,

I can hardly wait till the holidays. I am so looking forward to taking some time off and enjoying the season. 8 more days till my holidays start! It's not long now.

So far I am on track with my preparations. Holiday cards done. check. Kid's cookie party successfully completed. Shopping mostly done. Amaryllis blooming.

This weekend we will get the tree, finish decorating, and complete the shopping. Next weekend its the holiday open house and then comes Christmas.

I especially loved our holiday card design this year and thought I'd share it. Every year we use TinyPrints and its so nice to pull out the cards each December and reminisce. The picture below shows the card design.

Do you still do holiday cards? I love to receive personalized ones or ones with a note. It's a lovely tradition although I think its a dying art.

One final note, I got another pillow for our upstairs window bench. Yes - its official. I am collecting pillows. I just love them.

This one is a pretty Scandinavian style.

I leave you today with this amusing item:
Thanks for stopping by!

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